Busted Flat in Baton Rouge? May Jeremiah Wright Meet That Fate!

Back when Obama was purporting to be Christian, that particular myth was busted wide open when honest media exposed his ‘pastor,’ Jeremiah ‘God Damn America’ Wright’s profoundly Un-American rants.

Note – I doubt Obama’s Muslim – Marxists don’t go in for religion


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  • Now that abominable man has been invited to speak at Southern University, in Louisiana. Why?

William Arp, the Baton Rouge university’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Dean, justifies the odd invitation on grotesque grounds  – his affiliation to the President and his expertise in religion. “Our students must be exposed to different ideas, different ways of thinking!

Well, hatred of one’s own country must certainly resonate with ‘the President’ but ‘expertise’ in religion?

If students need exposure to ‘different ideas. different ways of thinking,’ will Arp next be inviting speakers from the Westboro Church, those hateful people who gloat at funerals of US servicemen? Or maybe the ‘Church of Jesus Christ Aryan, the notorious white supremacist outfit?


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  • Well, not this time, I guess, because Wright’s appearance is part of Black History Month, a racial event which defaces many universities which thus discriminate against White, Brown and Yellow students by not affording them similar celebrations of their ethnicity.

But how come the cover-up over who’s paying for this star-turn, and how much is being paid?. Officials at Southern say the money to pay for Wright’s visit is coming from a private donor, but the amount was not disclosed.



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And the climate of fear in modern America is again high-lighted by the final paragraph of the local radio station’s report.  

WBRZ News 2 reached out to members of Baton Rouge’s political and religious community about Wright’s scheduled speech. Many said they’re opposed to a public university hosting such a polarizing figure, but they were unwilling to speak out publicly because of fear of being labeled racist.   http://www.wbrz.com/news/taxpayers-off-the-hook-for-rev-jeremiah-wright-speech/.