UK Foreign Office Undermining Jordan’s Fight-Back?

Choruses of approval from decent folk around the world for Jordan’s execution of terrorist scum this week.

That excludes of course the cr%p we hear from that Korean at UNHQ.


  • Ban-Ki-moon
  • “The Secretary‑General’s position and the UN’s position on the death penalty is unchanged.”

And what position might that be? 

“The death penalty has no place in the 21st century!”

I’ll bet a majority of Koreans share the majority view in the UK, that Bang Ki Moon is talking HOGWASH!


  • hogwashmeterred
  • —————————
  • But going on previous British Foreign Office form, gob-flapping flunkeys from the UK Embassy will be fanning out to try to save the skins of other scum due for execution.


I haven’t seen any news reports on that, but it stands to reason that if Cameron’s diplomats go sticky-beaking around town here in Indonesia, then Jordan will not be exempt from their unwarranted intrusions into its internal affairs.

Or, given the righteous fury seen on Jordanian streets, will the FCO lackeys for once have enough sense to hold their scolding tongues about the EUSSR’s anti-death penalty diktat?