Uptight Racist Queers Impose Apartheid in Quebec!

I don’t know, or shudder to think, what that distinguished Scot, McGill, would have to say if he managed a quick visit from the meadows of Elysium to the once-great university named for him in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, this year.


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  • AD 2015 – which of course we can’t talk about these days (it’s not AD, reactionaries, but CE, Common Era, to pander to people who can’t hack the fact our calendars work on the basis of Jesus’ birth year)  – has begun with a celebration of deviant copulation aka Rad Sex Week.

No need to explain that it’s all about ‘gender, sexuality, sexual health, and less conventional sexual practices.’

Alfred-Berard-And-His-Dog-large-8986-71903  They don’t say if it includes pedophilia and/or bestiality, but who knows?


We normals can’t know about the first event, because “Desires: A QT*POC Exploration,” an art and discussion workshop was only open to to queers and trannies.

But that’s not all!

POC, BTW, is the latest pathetic PC term for non-whites, ‘People of Colour!’

And so..

“White folks need not attend!” http://www.mcgilldaily.com/2015/01/queer-people-colour-deserve-safer-space/

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  • Yup, apartheid is back, not in South Africa, but in Canada, courtesy of queers!
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  • Disgusting, yes, but even more so when you learn that the quotes we use are from the McGill Daily, an established college newspaper, which champions this blatant racism with the words demanding access to this space for observers who do not share a similar identity is insensitive..
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  • B#gger insensitive!
  • I went to uni in the Sixties, when campus media were vociferous in opposition to apartheid and ANYTHING with a whiff of a colour bar.
  • A tempora, a mores…