Over 90% Vote Against Pro-Deviant Changes – BBC Reckons They ‘Failed!


Slovakia referendum to strengthen same-sex marriage ban fails

That was the shock result of the Slovak referendum yesterday, on ‘gay’ rights. I was astounded, but once I’d read the facts of the vote, it became clear that in fact over 90% of those who did vote backed the 2014 constitutional amendment which defines marriage as a union of a man and a woman, effectively banning same-sex unions and adoptions.

  • The country’s queers may draw satisfaction from the low turn-out, which means the result isn’t binding.
  • However, as quoted above, there’s already a constitutional amendment in place to prevent the unpleasant developments the referendum was aimed against. I suppose that may have decreased turn-out. .  

But the truth is that Slovaks who exercised their right to vote OVERWHELMINGLY voted against the vile idea of consigning innocent children to the custody of cohabiting deviants.


And Slovakia can be proud of the fact that its people DO have a right to referenda on key issues. Unlike the larger countries which have forced through pro-homo changes with no democratic consent. ,