So I Criticise Muslim Clerics? Now It’s A Jewish Rabbi’s Turn!

I have often criticised Muslim clerics harshly, and there have been a few Christian clergy in my firing line too, not least the Pope!

Francis’ Tantrum-Pandering – FTP? 

So today it’s time to hammer a  Jewish rabbi in Australia, who’s been telling us to go easy on child-molestors.


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Predators and Child Molestors

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  • People who are no longer abusing children shouldn’t have to feel like the scum of the earth for the rest of their lives.

On the face of it, this guy, Rabbi Yosef Feldman, sounds reasonable. If people repent ( genuinely – which is a lot less frequent than mendaciously!) there are possibilities for forgiveness.  

It’s arguable. To offend against a child in such a manner really ought to make the perp feel like the scum of the earth. Certainly, that’s how most people see them.

But okay, I get the idea.

Maybe this Jewish man, who, it turns out, is a significant figure in New South Wales, former President of that state’s Rabbinical Council, is talking Christian doctrine, forgiveness may be bestown on others. So, arguably, on oneself.

But then he goes on to assert that knowledge of the community’s compassion would encourage other pedophiles to give up on their evil depredations.

Oh really?

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But the reporter here, unlike many, was well-informed  – when you read the whole report, it’s a bit like looking through a glass darkly. What’s Rabbi Yosef Feldman’s real agenda?

In July 2011, he ‘issued a directive’ telling  Jews that it was ‘not against Jewish law‘ to report child abuse to ‘secular authorities.’.

I should bloody well hope not!

And if it WERE against Jewish law, that should no more inhibit decent Jews than shariah law should forestall decent Muslims from doing the right and proper thing e.g. writing wills that give equal shares to good daughters and good sons, or a bigger share to good daughters and zilch to waster sons.

But then Feldman, just a day later, U-turned on honourable citizenship – he emailed a Sydney Jewish group, discouraging them from issuing a further statement encouraging people to report abuse. He said a child abuser’s ‘life and family were being ruined now…for no good reason.’

NO GOOD REASON!?! I guess he has no children of his own, or he might have found a wiser way to word his exhortation to irresponsibility.

His excuse for that disgraceful message is just a load of codswallop.  You can read his cr@p via the link.

But since I often urge decent Muslims here to speak up against demented ‘scholars,’ it’s only fair to urge decent Jews in Oz to put VAST distance between themselves and Feldman.