Ontario's Yummy Pinko Jumps Ship – But Who Grieves For Eve's Exit?

It’s sad that in Ontario, that Canadian Province filled with happy memories, for me at least, the women in politics these days tend not to be the sort that might inspire me.


  • Kathleen Wynne truddownload

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, with Justin Turdeau at ‘gay’ knees-up


  • The Provincial Premier is not only a Liberal (political turn-off) but also a lesbian (enough said!) Some of the other females conspicuous in previous reports hold even less appeal.  

Take this one (please take her, as far away as possible!)


NDP Member of Provincial Parliament Cheri DiNovo Has Ontario Lost its Mind AND Its Freedoms? 


But occasionally you get one gal who can fit into the RRA category of a ‘Yummy!’

Like Eve Adams, the Conservative MP who has just baled out of the Tory Party, denouncing those with whom she’s worked and campaigned for some considerable time, insults galore, in the most abusive language!

Ontario MP Eve Adams joins Liberals, calls Tories ‘fear-mongers and bullies’

Not all conservatives are lovely (as my mirror confirms!)…and not all lovelies are conservatives.

But it always helps when words flow from a form and face which make words interesting not only to hear but to watch as well.


  • eve adams3495_07688c7390
  • And Eve is a looker!
  • ———-
  • But suddenly she has quit the Conservative Party (which is only ‘conservative’ in the vaguest sense – less demented than Turdeau’s Grits) and signed up with those Liberals!
  • —————-
  • Fair enough – if the theory and practice of whatever passes for ideology among Stephen Harper’s flock no longer command her allegiance, she’s right (or left) to quit his ranks.
  • Stephen-Harper-Biography-02 PM Harper
  • And she’s quite right to do what those break-away Tory MPs in Britain did, when they switched to UKIP…

    Good Morning, Britannia! Awake At Last! Now On To Rochester! 

  • Resign the seat she holds (in Brampton) and fight a by-election under her new colours.
  • ——
  • 3c1b1-get_real_big


  • She’s not going to?
  • Scared stiff that too many voters are fully aware of her real reasons for giving aid and comfort to the enemy – and believe me, Turdeau and Co  are enemies to all that remains of decent Canada – to seek endorsement from the people who entrusted their votes to her last time round? 
  • Real reasons?
  • Canadian readers will know all about that, but for others, here’s a link –

Tom’s take: Monday’s tawdry tale of ambition and betrayal

No wonder Harper’s not waxing lachrymose at the loss of his lovely!