Australia Today, UK Last Week – Send the Swine to Jordan!

Australian police say they have prevented an “imminent” terror attack linked to Islamic State (IS) after arresting two men in a Sydney suburb.

Police say a machete, a hunting knife and homemade IS flag were seized in Fairfield, as well as a video of a man talking about an attack.


And in the UK?

Muslim teenager planned to behead soldiers in London…

Brusthom Ziamani, who idolised killers of Lee Rigby, was arrested with a knife and a hammer in a rucksack

Of course the words and deeds in the report are all ‘alleged.’

  • against the wall
  • But even if the allegations are substantiated beyond any reasonable doubt, neither British nor Australian courts have the laws they need to put scumbags down.
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The proper penalty for treason is death


  • If the cases are proven, let’s give them to Jordan – they know what to do with pigs who promote terrorism.