Jogja Congress Muslims Spurn Sex Apartheid – But NOT Hoodlum Gangsters!

A great pity that the grand gathering of Muslims in Jogja, just winding up, encompassed all many ‘great and good’ Islamic organisations here, but snubbed the Ahmadis.

Of course it’s up to them whom they invite to their Indonesian Muslims Congress. The report suggests the ban on dissenters is due to the intolerant self-styled ‘scholars’ of the state-sponsored MUI.


President Jokowi could save a small fortune for tax-payers by cutting off state-funding to that lot. 

One would have hoped that bigot gangster groups like the self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam Front.’ aka the IslamoNazi FPI, would also have been excluded, for bringing the creed into disrepute by their lawless thuggery and vandalism.

But far from it! 

“MUI ingin menjadi tenda besar (bagi seluruh umat Islam). FPI, LDII, MMI (Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia), Hizbut Tahrir dan ormas lain dilibatkan,” said Din Syamssuddin.

  • din-syamsuddin-_120703152435-684 Din

But on the plus side, it’s pleasing to see they have spurned the ignorant and primitive sex apartheid that disfigures some Islamist outfits. We even saw such mediaeval nonsense sprout in the UK a year or two ago. 

Britannia Dolorosa – Sectarian Sex Segregation in Britain’s Class-Rooms! 

I quote one Muslim who actually IS a scholar, the academic Azyumardi Azra, who says that participants in this congress are dominated by mainstream Islamic groups in Indonesia. For example, the Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama…


  • azra Azra
  • …Moderate Islam is also friendly to the local culture. “As in this forum, men and women are not segregated,” he said. 

GOOD TO HEAR. Indonesian culture has traditionally been very civilised. Women in Java, for example, wear lovely kebayas, baring their smooth brown shoulders for all to admire.


uut_permatasari cantik in kebaya modern Dangdut chanteuse Uut Permatasari in kebaya


And despite fanatic howling, most Muslim women eschew the scarf of subjugation.


But even the smart Azra seems to have overlooked a few facts when he says that ‘this Islam is an Islam that rejects violence.’ I guess he missed the inclusion of notorious vigilante mobsters noted above.

FPI_13 FPI hoodlums run amok


And moreover…

The NU and Muhammadiyah have, in the past, a fairly good record in opposition to violence, true, but the MUI has neither disowned nor disciplined their notorious Muhammad Al Kaththath, who called for the death of an innocent atheist simply for posting opinions on Facebook. Who Was Our Third Voter? Al K’s Fanatic Party Goes Nowhere, Fast! 


Amidhan-MUI-2011 Amidhan


And while MUI may claim that Al K’s a minor figure, who’s forgotten their utterly irresponsible former Chairman Amidhan’s outburst, a few Ramadhans back. 


  • Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece     –Speaking of IslamoNazi hoodlums who launch violent on mini-markets which don’t kow-tow to seasonal intolerance, our non-violent Amidhan told any store manager indifferent to MUI’s sectarian policies –

DON’T COMPLAIN IF YOU’RE ATTACKED!-Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!” .  

I hope ‘moderate’ Din enjoyed hob-nobbing with the white-shirt sectarian bullies during the congress. And I hope neither he nor the MUI is any longer described in ill-informed media as a ‘moderate.’