Roro Fitria – Kecantikan Paling Mahal Di Dunia? -reveals that the stunningly beautiful dangdut star, Roro Fitria,  spends nearly THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH on her looks.

 “It’s expensive, but appearance is important.”

A gift for understatement, this gal. But why not?

It’s her money! “I look after my good looks and care for my body from head to toe,”

 The journo records her own, possibly unobjective, opinion, that Roro’s tone of voice is spoilt.–rp290-juta-per-bulan

Note I refer to the reporter as ‘her.’ A guy would be unlikely to interject malice, not if he had had the chance to spend time up close to this –

Mind you, exactly how close can one hope to get, in the face of God-given obstacles to proximity? 

Roro reckons the total cost could be even higher, if facials etc. are added on. But it’s worth it, she says, because she wants to give her best when appearing in public and and before her fans.

She adds that some of her beauty treatments are slightly painful, but no matter. 

  •  Nia Daniaty
  • Roro unburdened herself of this info on a tv show here called Pesbukers.

I haven’t watched it – presumably it’s ANTV’s take-off of Facebook, because many Indonesians pretend they can’t pronounce the letter F; streets like Jalan Falatehan are mis-spelt Palatehan.

But the F/P thing is a total nonsense, inexplicable but easily punctured, if you ask them what big day comes at the end of Ramadhan.

It’s Idul Fitri – and nobody ever says Idul Pitri!


Another, less upfront but still beautiful, guest celebrity, Nia Daniaty, is quoted as saying she’s surprised. And so am I.

Roro has so many innate advantages in the beauty stakes (well, two, for a start) that splurging so much cash on enhancing her appeal seems crazy.

Hell, if she popped up in front of me having just been dragged backwards through a hedge, I’d probably burst into song.

But then I, unlike Nia and the journalista, am a bloke.