President Urges Tolerance, State Flunkeys Declare War on Valentines!

We reported on the Congress of Indonesian Muslims last night…  ….and see today that President Jokowi attended the final ceremonies thereof, declaring his belief in tolerance.


din-syamsuddin-_120703152435-684 Din


He did so in the presence of Din Syamsuddin, Chairman of the MUI (Indonesian ‘Scholars’ Council) who had made a point of welcoming the IslamoNazi FPI’s presence at the gathering.

One hopes Jokowi scolded him for not booting the violent sectarian vigilante gang out of the ‘big tent’ Din had proclaimed.

In contrast to the President’s avowal of tolerance, local minions of the government elsewhere were declaring war on the fun day that falls this coming weekend.

Jambi City Education Agency has advised students not to take part in the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration…

If the kids do Valentine things in school, not paying attention to their lessons, certainly the Education Agency has the right and duty to warn them off.

But that’s not the case..

The office distributed a circular to school principals advising them to caution students against violating “ethical and moral teachings” on Valentine’s Day.

Mind you, it has to be said that Jambi has a singular take on what’s ‘ethical and moral.‘ 

Visible knees and a nice warm hug are OUT, for a start!

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“Our circular will also advise the school principles to remind their students not to do anything outside existing norms,” said one staffer, named Mulyad, adding that since the majority of persons in Jambi City were Muslims, the students must abide by their religion teaching.

That’s nonsense. It’s up to the kids how they feel about religion. And unless they break the law, not existing norms, what they do outside school is none of Mulyad’s business.

But he’s not alone in his intrusive attitude. There are plenty of uptight Islamists in that vicinity.

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…..but his minions appear consumed with sectarian bias, even trying to camouflage their bigotry into an issue of national identity – Jambi’s Religious Affairs Agency boss, named Thaher, plays the xenophobe card with relish.

Valentine’s Day was a Western cultural product that should not be followed by Indonesians.

Happily, Thaher is not overly optimistic.  He reckons that despite his ( and no doubt the Education Agency’s) best efforts, the celebration of Valentine’s Day could not be fully wiped out.