Red Alert! Rampant Adultery Looms In East Java!

The latest outburst of alarm from the MUI (yeah, them again, the Indonesian Council of ‘Scholars’) is droll indeed, grim prophecies of a ‘rampant adultery‘ outbreak in East Java.

And why this imminent moral collapse?

‘A chocolate Valentine gift package, along with condoms. Two Silver Queen candy bars and Fiesta condoms neatly in plastic wrap and tied with a pink ribbon.’


Cokelat berhadiah kondom. Foto: Istimewa


“RED ALERT !! Choc + condoms distributed free in Malang. Possibly also in other areas or sold in supermarkets. Be Aware …. beware ! “  wrote one frantic Facebooker.  “May Allah bestow guidance on the sons and daughters of this country! “

Since condoms are on sale not only in every mall chemist/ pharmacist shop but also in most of the mini-markets we can find almost every hundred yards along both main and minor roads, the sons and daughters of this country hardly need the prospect of a couple of bars of Silver Queen to lure them into rampant adultery. (though it’s very popular here – the confectionery, not adultery!)


Nor, since they’re likely to be teens, is adultery remotely likely – a bit of fornication, maybe, but not transgressing marital vows! 

Needless to say, politicians are lining up to fight  the war on wanton chocolate!.

Listen to the shrilling  from Tri Murny, a member of the Legislature’s Commission VIII, whose stern visage in the photo is fairly scary – she’s a leading member of the National Democrats, part of Jokowi’s ruling coalition.

“Indonesia is predominantly Muslim. There should be no such ads. They should give a gift that is normal.”  .

That’s all from one obscure site, pojoksatu, which is no doubt reliable, but I thought I’d dig into more sources on this shock/horror/drama story.


It was from that we learned of that fantastic phrase – rampant adultery.



Baidlowi Musleh MUI’s top man in Malang


Baidlowi Musleh reckons the Valentine gift package will make adultery rampant….gifts in the form of a condom clearly point to usage as a means of adultery.

He even helpfully explains what condoms are for“Condoms are the tools used to prevent pregnancy, used by certain people in the act of adultery. So clearly prohibited by religious law!” he continued.

 But Musleh offers a more fulsome explanation.. The condoms are bad news, of course, but here’s the key objection coming. 

Every Muslim, Musleh said, is forbidden to wear or show attributes as well as certain symbols that reflect other religions’ symbols. Celebrating Valentine’s day is clearly prohibited from an Islamic perspective.

Actually, Musleh, it’s just a bit of fun. There’s not one single teen in this country or back West who even imagines there’s ANY religious significance to it. 

When the nice polite Muslims I know break their fast at twilight during Ramadan, they think nothing of inviting me to join them. I suppose by doing so I’m part of their ‘celebration‘ of their religious feast. But of course I’m not converting!

Neither are the kids who delight in Valentine cards, flowers and chocolates – worry about the condoms if you please, but don’t be so darned intolerant.  

It’s civilised to enjoy the nice things about other people’s creeds.