BBC Re-Draws Map of Europe – Payback For EUSSR Funding?

Around lunchtime today, I watched a news story on BBC’s international tv service, about crimmigrants creeping into Hungary. The Hungarians are hog-tied, of course, by the EUSSR’s insane ruling that these people crossing the long border from Serbia ‘cannot be detained.’


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  • But the enmity of Brussels towards those who wish to defend their countries against the parasite tide is well-known.

What struck me was how the BBC gal described the invasion. Crimmigrants were, she said, coming ‘INTO EUROPE FROM SERBIA!’

Here’s a map!

Europe Political Wall Map Mural Europe


Every country from the Med to the Arctic, and from the Atlantic to the Urals, is correctly depicted as being within Europe – as every schoolchild knows!

So how come that BBC gal doesn’t? How can she possibly come out with a brain-dead assertion like ‘INTO Europe from Serbia?’ 

Serbia is IN Europe. Always has been.

If the crimmigrants came into Europe from anywhere, it’s from some bludger-boat or across the Turkish frontier.

Serbia has no coastline, nor a common border with any non-European country.

So these crimmigrant hordes are not even coming into Europe when they arrive in Serbia. They have come into Europe long before they crossed into Hungary, and long before they crossed into Serbia.

But Serbia, like Switzerland and Norway, is not part of the EUSSR. Are all such countries to be denied recognition by the BBC as European nations? 


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