Gaystapo Out to Get Another UKIP Candidate – Will Farage Knuckle Under?

 Anti-gay preacher George Hargreaves will run for UKIP
George Hargreaves
George Hargeaves has an excellent record in standing up for traditional values, just what Parliament needs. He has been quoted thus – “This is not about gay rights, it’s about gay wrongs.”
And he’s fully aware of the hatred the gaystapo groups hold towards free speech. 
 “I am concerned that if Stonewall get their way Black Church Pastors like me could face up to seven years in jail for speaking publicly about our Christian beliefs…”
So there’s going to be a hue and cry from every undesirable in the Old Country.
Hargeeaves is a controversial man with a colourful record, and UKIP will be urged – ordered, for they think they have divine right, these days – by the pro-‘gay’ media to dump their candidate, as they have dumped others, for no good reason except queers get upset at criticism.
I hope this time Farage will stand firm, slap down that fool Crowther…

Farage Acts the Fool – Appeasement Ain’t a Winner!. 

…and let the pastor preach the UKIP word in Coventry.