Three Cheers for Jakarta, Where People Are Normal and Nice!

Yesterday I shopped briefly whilst meandering around Jakarta.


Bulk shopping bores me – more fun (and easier to lug home on the angkot) if one picks up a few items at a time, Carrefour one day, Hypermarket the next or Lotte Mart or maybe Giant, which is where I went yesterday, their branch in Plaza Semanggi.

In the past, I’ve rated them for their bargain prices – Giant is the overall winner there, as a rule, with Carrefour at the bottom of the league – a ‘50% off’ sticker is a rarity in those stores!


  • Blok  M Square's Carrefour
  • =================
  • And it’s always an interesting exercise to judge who’s got the prettiest shop assistants. Carrefour, on balance, though Lotte ain’t far behind!

In the department store stakes, Matahari wins hands down in terms of attractive staff.

But when you go to a supermarket cashier, everyone queues together. Yesterday’s cashier was a scarfed lady, who totted up my purchases, exchanging polite pleasantries as she did so.

No nasty, sectarian apartheid, as is apparently the case in Dubai. 

“The signs put in the supermarkets are to display that products must be segregated since we received many complaints from people who did not think it was right to have the same cashier for non-Muslim foods and other foods,” he said.  Separate cashiers for non-Muslim foods at Dubai supermarkets |

Apartheid in action, inspired by fanatics.

But let’s not imagine only Arab countries harbour such nonsense – we’ve reported before on a bigot bint in England, who should have been fired but wasn’t.

Tesco Covers for Bigot Staff After Sectarian Snub to Shopper! 

So let me sing another verse of my daily song of praise for Jakarta, and the friendly folk who live here – 90% Muslim, and some of their co-religionists in the UK and the Gulf would do well to learn from their civilised mentality.

i love jkt