Well Done, Indonesia – Crimmigrants Nabbed in Padang!

Amid all the efforts by lefty shrills in Oz to re-open rifts between Canberra and Jakarta over a couple of convicted drug-smugglers, sensible Aussies should take note of one item of clearly good news – although badly expressed in this weekend’s Jakarta Globe!

Using the sloppy term ‘undocumented’ instead of the correct description ‘illegal,’ the JG nevertheless offers 30 reasons to be cheerful today!

Cops in Padang, West Sumatra report that ‘we found 24 immigrants on Thursday, and we found another six near residents’ houses in Bayang.” http://thejakartaglobe.beritasatu.com/news/padang-police-nabbed-30-australia-bound-asylum-seekers/

It seems the parasites were ‘on their way to Christmas Island.




 Most of the wannabe bludgers are from Bangladesh and Myanmar. So it’s obvious the swine by-passed various countries to reach a handy launch-pad to ooze into Oz.  

Not a legal leg to stand on!

The police also caught the captain and crew of the intended crimmigrant cargo vessel. 

The Australian Government should send these police officers a reward for their good work.

Word gets around. Less diligent constables might smarten up if captures were thus recognised by a grateful Australia. 

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  • Now what would make it even better news is if Indonesia were to load them, suitably chained and/or straight-jacketed, onto the next cargo plane going in the direction of those countries whence they emerged.
  • out with them
  • Indonesia, last I heard, is not signatory to the damn-fool UN Convention which hog-ties too many governments elsewhere.

And after the damn-fool UN Sec-Gen’s arrogant rhetoric about the drug-smugglers yesterday  UN Chief Appeals to Indonesia to Stop Death Row Executions, one hopes President Jokowi will take every opportunity to diss the  supranational dork in New York.