Bravo, Nigel! Speak for Ulster!

ulsterunionist “I find the whole peace process utterly and entirely loathsome.. To have released back into the community over 400 convicted murderers some of whom served sentences short as 18 months. That’s not what I call a peace process, that’s what I call surrender to the wrong ’uns.”” – The Sun


I have criticised Nigel Farage more than once, but on those wise words, I congratulate him whole-heartedly. 

But according to The Sun, he’s ‘in hot water’ for telling treason like it is.

Mind you, he said it, denouncing the Bad Friday deal “utterly loathsome,” before his party had any MPs. 

As long as he doesn’t U-turn, he won’t be in hot water with patriots.


But that leaves a wide range of grubby geysers, stretching across the House of Commons,  where the sell-out to Sinn Fein/IRA terror gangsters still commands broad support.