After Charlie? Air France Can’t Yet Share Terror Info With Cops? MEP Madness!

First proposed in 2011 and then blocked two years later by MEPs in the civil liberties committee, the bill requires airlines to hand over details like travel dates, travel itinerary, ticket information, contact details, the travel agent at which the flight was booked, means of payment used, seat number and baggage information.  MEPs break deadlock on airline passenger bill – EUobserver

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  • So Ryan Air, Qantas, Air France, etc, are free to delight in perusing this info, but the security services may not? Until now, maybe, if the Strasbourg idiots don’t make more trouble.
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  • And those ‘civil liberties’ nitwits have held up action for four years, because they question need?
  • Maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference, maybe a little, or maybe a lot. Whichever, there’s nothing that impinges on liberty about any of those details listed above. No honest citizen would object to collection or retention of such information.


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These MEP crackpots need their heads read. And the craziest crackpots are the Greens, who have decreed that the progress made is “a carte blanche to scale-back personal freedoms”.

And almost needless to saythe European Court of Justice is identified as a villain in the tale. In a separate ruling, last year, those clowns outlawed the indiscriminate data collection of people not suspected of any crime…


If you’re not GUILTY of any crime, you have nothing to fear!

But the report suggests the same court might again reconsider whether the proposed law violates those rights. If it does, the Court may decide to scrap the law altogether.


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  • France, not surprisingly after the Charlie Hebdo atrocity, appears to be the driving force for sanity in this…
  • …and also  on the Schengen system. That sets out minimum and random checks on EU citizens leaving or entering the EU.   France reckons EVERYONE should have to face checks. But the Brussels Commissars are giving this a  a cool reception. 
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  • And thus France, which would be quite capable of defending its own citizens if free to do so, is hog-tied by the supranational albatross it has around its neck.