Desperate Tories Chase Hog Vote! Chuckling Bedwards!

Well, for an hour tonight, TV was good, The Walking Dead, awash with zombies, but thereafter?

After enjoying Erna’s appearance on Indosiar’s dangdut show yesterday, I tuned in once the zoms went home, but the high-pitched singer ululating at that point was wearing at least as much make-up as Erna had been – and it was a bloke.


I switched channels, and found Law and Order on cable, not bad, but brief.

So finally to O Channel, where an old movie, The Doors, was playing. I actually saw their famous Mr. Morrison’s last resting place on a visit to Paris many years ago, so settled down to see how it might be.


  • morrison   Ooops, wrong Mr. Morrison!
  • ———————
  • Then the difference between cable and regular Indonesian TV hit me right between the eyes. Jim was throwing back a glass of something. It might have been Bourbon, or it might have been Scots Irn-Bru.
  • ——
  • a whiskey-glass
  • ————–
  • Given the user’s notoriety, I’d guess the former, but who could tell?

The imbecilic censors obscured the act of consumption with one of their opaque little kill-joy clouds. Enough already.

It’s been a most pleasant day and I’m off to bed, But a final news story from the UK beforehand.


Tory nerves force Cameron to soften benefit cuts for obese

  • pig fatty
  • —————–

Plans to impose benefit cuts on the obese and addicts who refuse to change their lifestyle were toned down because of tensions between David Cameron and the team of one of his most senior cabinet ministers.

And it transpires this little tiff is down to Cast-Iron’s crew panicking over the forthcoming election. The votes of greedy pigs and dopers are desperately needed to balance the departure of the last remaining real conservatives from the Tory Party to UKIP.  


  • David-Cameron-clown
  • =======
  • If Channel 4 had any real interest in satire rather than their leftist vendetta against the People’s Party…

    Channel 4’s Ukip film attracts complaints before it even airs

    … imagine what they could make of all that.

  • Anyway, this Monday has, in retrospect, been a VERY fine day – tomorrow, Tuesday, will likely be uneventful – and I got an sms earlier to say that Wednesday will be equally agreeable.
  • Unless the rain returns to keep visitors away.
  • Goodnight.