Denmark’s Enemy Within Mourns Murderer – ‘Rest In Peace?’ No Chance!



 If any more proof were required that Denmark, and the West as a whole, need to start expulsions to excise the cancer of sectarian evil, here’s some news that surely suffices.
It seems some morons laid flowers on the street where the cops took out that terrorist who gunned down innocent people earlier this week in Copenhagen.
devil destroyed
God knows why – he’ll be safely burning in Hell by now.
But then on Monday, ‘masked men took away the flowers…the men prayed to god and hung two pieces of paper with a text in Danish and Arabic with a wish that the deceased may rest in peace.’
Rest in Peace? Burn in Hell, more like!
Now we have to admit that even rabid killers have family and friends, and they may well wish to pray for the fiend’s soul, however vain such prayers may be, given his satanic allegiance.
But these were no sorrowing kin. The link above has a video –
Look at the scum – masked, mostly, dressed all in black, giving ISIS gestures, hollering their slogans as if they were at war – much as the scum who killed those Ahmadi martyrs at Cikeusik hollered the same words three years ago. 

Cikeusik Day – More Death Penalties Needed, Please! 

Where were the Danish security services?
This filth should have been instantly detained and deported. Although it would be better, methinks, if they resisted arrest, so the cops could give them the same sharp exit as the cur they were ‘mourning.’
I wanted to check all this, though the link above is to a respectable local news site. And I found confirmation on this equally reliable link,  –  with a sensible quote from a sensible Dane.
 “Flowers for a despicable coward on Svanevej. This is a photo no one wants to see. It shows that there is unfortunately an ‘us’ and ‘them’. The essential thing is then is who is ‘us’ and ‘them’. Time and discussion will show,” leading Venstre politician Søren Pind wrote on Facebook, posting a photo of the flower display. 
No one wants to see?  Could that be better rephrased?
Somebody doesn’t want seen?
Because there’s precious little coverage of this outrage in the mainstream media!