Three Cheers for Tim Wilson – Champion of Oz Freedoms!

Three Cheers for Tim Wilson! It’s such a refreshing change to find somebody in a ‘human rights’ job who actually believes in freedoms. 

Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson has renewed a call for controversial race-hate law changes.

Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson


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  • Wilson’s official title is Human Rights Commissioner, but he’s been dubbed the Freedom Commissioner, for good reason. Here’s what he said this week –


“It is utterly inconsistent with human rights that some legal privileges are afforded to some and not others…Many ask why their identity group doesn’t enjoy the same legal privilege.”

Indeed. Us left-handed folk, or red-heads, or skinny people, are at least as deserving as religious and ethnic cliques, domestic or alien, of the protections afforded by the present oppressive censorship laws.

Joking (maybe?) of course, but Wilson’s point is well-made.

It’s only because certain uptight shrills from certain ‘communities’ can’t hack criticism that Oz is saddled with junk laws that gag protests against subversive and disloyal minorities. 

Australian Choices – MultiCult or Freedom? 


Mr Wilson believes that if the same standard was applied to all groups: “We’d be in a straitjacket society unable to discuss controversial topics…If the law is reorientated towards addressing public harassment, it would enjoy far more public confidence across the community than it does today.”


  • charlie-hebdo_1-512x350 Abbott’s refusal to reform the law panders to the scum who attacked Charlie Hebdo


When we’ve just had another atrocity in Europe perpetrated by jihadist vermin who hate freedom, all the more timely to recall how, after the Charlie Hebdo murders,Wilson warned some Charlie Hebdo content could not be printed in Australia under section 18C.


  • Tony Abbott sex appeal Pandered to the disloyal


Abbott’s U-turn against free speech disgraced Australia and betrayed his promises. It was a brazen bribe to the enemy within, who have shown little gratitude since. But, cravenly, he has ruled out revisiting plans to change the laws.

There are some in Canberra who understand the basic principles of free expression, and who are not, like Abbott, cowed by curs…a group of Liberal senators and crossbenchers joined forces last year to introduce a private senator’s bill that would remove the words “offend and insult” from the section.

So let’s hope that Liberals like Cory Bernardi and Dean Smith renew their fight for civil liberties. Australia deserves better than the rotten sell-out by the current government.