Get Pro-‘Gay’ Ginsburg OFF the Case! Sign the Petition!

In her 1993 confirmation hearing, Ginsburg steadfastly refused to respond to questions put to her by elected officials about any her views on issues that might come before the court, citing the ethical obligations of a judge to maintain both the fact and the appearance of impartiality.

She specifically responded to a question about sexual orientation by saying: “I cannot say one word on that subject that would not violate what I said had to be my rule about no hints, no forecasts, no previews. “


Justice Ruth Ginsburg


And yet, now Justice Ginsburg apparently feels that presiding over same-sex ‘weddings’ and speaking openly about how she believes the American people are ready for the Court to recognize a constitutional right allowing same-sex couples to marry….


This arrogant old woman formerly worked for the ACLU, so nobody should expect pro-American opinions from her corner of the Supreme Court.

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But that’s not the issue at present. 

A justice who performs same-sex ‘weddings’ and comments openly about how America is supposedly ready to accept same-sex ‘marriage’ when a case on the very subject is pending before the court is anything but impartial.




Her blatant pre-hearing bias on pervert ‘weddings’ makes it imperative, if she has any sense of personal or professional honour, to recuse herself from the case.

That’s why our readers in the USA should sign up to the NOM petition seeking exactly that. 

Here’s the link with the details.