Wow! Putri Indonesia 2015 – Anindya Kusuma Putri !

I must admit,when they cut the range down to a choice of ten, my own likeliest lasses were Jawa Barat, NTB and Lampung.


audisi2015a Wow, wow,wow!


But in all honesty, the final decision on this year’s Miss Indonesia would be difficult for anyone to make, all those gorgeous gals to be judged on distinctions that no contestant lacked.

The talking bit was unusually interesting, partly because Miss Jakarta’s English skills were so good – coulda been one of my students half-a-dozen years ago (I wish!)

But also because Miss Jambi got a question on whether she agreed with the death penalty for drug-smugglers!


indonesia drugs


She replied with vigorous approval and received a cheer from the audience.

Kinda heavy stuff for a beauty contest!

Again, for overseas readers, ya gotta be here to appreciate how kind God has been in his gift of beauty to Indonesian womanhood.

Take a short-cut through any Matahari Department Store (there’s at least one on Bali, in Kuta, for all you Aussies who vacation there) and have a gander.

But whatever, congratulations, to…. 

Anindya Kusuma Putri

No complaints. I have every reason to delight in Central Java girls!


Do us proud, honey!

And keep being proud of your beauty – don’t let the scarf-bigots get you down!