God Bless America – An Unconstitutional Exhortation?

So now school-kids in the USA are bullied by staff whose delicate pink ears can’t stand to hear the awful words ‘God Bless America

I’m no longer really shockable, but even so…

Here’s the true story, believe it or not,



A Florida high school student has come under fire by administrators after an atheist group complained that ending morning announcements with “God Bless America” somehow violated the Constitution. Without taking time to actually learn the truth, the school capitulated to the anti-Christian bigotry group and threatened the student if he said it again. 

…..Nassau County School District told the student he could no longer conclude morning announcements by saying “God Bless America” after receiving a complaint from the anti-Christian bigotry group American Humanist Association. It was then the school over-reacted and pulled the student aside for admonishment.

The school says the student added the phrase in addition to the scripted announcements and somehow violated “Church-State separation laws” (which by the way, don’t exist).

Read the whole sorry saga here – http://www.afa.net/action-alerts/school-threatens-student-for-saying-god-bless-america/

 …take note of the relevant extract from America’s Declaration of Indepedence ,here –

  Nassau County School Board would discipline those fellows who signed up to that shameless mention of the Creator, for sure!


….and then do something about it, here –

As AFA concludes ...ask the superintendent to provide “remedial training” to all staff, advising them of the First Amendment rights and freedoms of students under the Constitution.