“Koin Untuk Australia” – Understandable Reaction to Abbott’s Blundering!

This is nuts!

Why on earth are two countries, for both of which I have great affection, drifting  ever deeper into animosity over a pair of undesirables behind bars in Bali?

Now we have locals organising KoinUntukAustralia.


  • Indonesians have tweeted photos of themselves collecting coins to pay Australia back.  “Aceh people happily try to return your money..” 
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It’s easy to understand public anger up north, and here in Jakarta.

International sticky-beak bleeding-heart pinkos shrilling on behalf of convicted drug-smugglers whose guilt is not in doubt, and who knew very well the death penalty was the price they’d pay for profiteering on drug misery.

indonesia drugs

What’s not so easy to understand is Tony Abbott joining in the orchestrated ranting on behalf of these crims.

I pointed out just last week that it makes sense for Canberra and Jakarta to be on friendly terms.

Drug-Smuggler Debate – No Cause for Oz To Escalate! 

Last year I posted repeatedly on those lines, drawing my many Aussie readers’ attention to the fact that NOT ONLY were the xenophobes in Indonesia wrong to let ‘asylum’ parasites set sail from Java, and more wrong still to whine when Oz turned the wasters back…

BUT ALSO that the whining elite had no significant support from the Indonesian public.

As I have oftimes remarked, the rich elite here, like Muhammad Marty Natalegawa, the Foreign Minister, and that big-mouthed Professor Juwana, in no way reflects the views of the man – or woman – in the Jakarta street.

I probably mix with more common folk than they do, and those who hold opinions on the subject are inclined to agree with me…it really is an outrage that poor Indonesians should be forced to watch unwanted, uninvited aliens dossing in hotel comfort, three squares a day, while they themselves live a hand-to-mouth existence, at best. Extract from – Boat-Bludgers Housed in Hotel – At YOUR Expense! 


Like the noisiest anti-death penalty shrills in Oz, the loudest anti-Oz voices here came from tainted sources. 

Jakarta Post Lets Oz Red Urge Show Trial for Morrison! 

The man in the warung, the gal on the angkot, they could easily grasp that honest Aussies didn’t want alien snouts grubbing into their tax-payer purse.  Indonesia’s Illegals – Fine Photos, Far-Fetched Narratives! 

And Abbott’s exploitation of the humanitarian aid which governments – and individuals all over the world, including me – contributed to Indonesia when the awful tsunami struck those years ago?


Tony Abbott sex appeal


I reckon Tony’s lost it!

He’s also taken to weaseling on serious pledges, like his infamous u-turn on free speech reform. We must wait to see if he’ll press ahead with his welcome call to ban the Hizbut Tahrir enemy within Australia.

As with free speech, he may buckle to appease disloyal enemies within.

Paradoxically, his Aceh aid blunder is likely to play into the hands of the worst elements in Indonesia, who hate not just Oz but all democratic countries.

Hizbut Tahrir here, like the IslamoNazi FPI, may well jump onto the anti-Australian bandwagon which Abbott has set in motion.  


A sad day for friends of Oz, who are also friends of Indonesia.