London Cops – Undesirable Alien Voting Fraud Untouchable?

A few years ago, before the Obamanoid Geekstapo expelled me from Facebook for publicising the Cikeusik Pogrom, I had occasion to laugh at a friend’s FB assertion – “I am an immigrant!’


ktp Indonesian ID Card


Or so he boasted, in a circumlocutory attempt to emote on behalf of illegals back in his own home patch. Mind you, he’s not illegal, got all necessary docs to stay for ages.

But he himself wasn’t an ‘immigrant,’ and as far as I know still isn’t. He’s not so far mentioned any moves to take out Indonesian citizenship, clinging happily to his native land’s passport.

I won’t say which country my non-‘immigrant’ pal hails from, but his example is in contrast to another friend, from another country, who has obtained Indonesian citizenship and takes it seriously, voting whenever he gets the chance – he is well-versed in Indonesian political and religious issues.


British crown


And I fall into another category, somebody who delights in every minute spent here, but who will never be an ‘immigrant.’ That word implies an intention to seek citizenship, and I don’t, because, for centuries, our family’s loyalty has been to the Crown.

I’m not going to make all my ancestors turn in their graves by repudiating that allegiance.

Reverting to my second-mentioned friend, as I say – he takes part in elections whenever he gets the opportunity. By that, I mean he votes once in each election, just as his Indonesian neighbours do.

Unfortunately, in the UK, one finds loads of nasty primitives who have arrived from foreign parts and who seem unable to discard the corrupt customs of whence they came.

We’ve mentioned it before.


“Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” 

And the problem is no better, it seems, because in London, at least, the police lack either the capacity or the courage to take action and root it out!

Or so says a useful article in today’s Conservative Home  .

The CH piece quotes Cllr Peter Golds, the  Leader of the Conservative Group on Tower Hamlets Council. 

“I think the Metropolitan Police have been extremely poor. Speaking to colleagues up and down the country there is a general feeling, sadly and tragically, that police services are not responding to problems of electoral malpractice.




In my experience elections in (Tower Hamlets) are the least transparent, worst managed and corrupt I have seen in London. I have over the past decade sent numerous letters to the police and the electoral authorities, many of which have been ignored or simply brushed aside.




For over a decade electoral malpractice has been an ongoing problem in the borough … masses of evidence has been sent to the police and either ignored or been subject to ‘cut and paste’ investigations.

The article concludes impressively

The police have a duty to uphold the law. Electoral fraud is not a trivial offence.

But it does NOT explain WHY the police are behaving so irresponsibly. Are they as corrupt as the vote fraudsters?

Or are they run by pinkos so eager to be PC that they’ll collaborate in a cover-up?

Decent cops would swing into action, round up hundreds of suspects and interrogate them rigorously. Decent courts would convict where there’s evidence and deport the swine involved.



Tower Hamlets is an area in urgent need of mass deportations. It’s infested with primitives, who make no secret of their readiness to intimidate anyone who challenges their alien intolerant agenda…

Time to clean Tower Hamlets up!