Ulster Moron Compares IRA Vermin to Nobel Prize-Winners

I see the Murder Party in Ulster, aka Sinn Fein/IRA, has favourably compared one of his comrades, (happily now rotting in his grave/burning in Hell) to distinguished writers and scientists.

An IRA gunman after whom a Newry playground has been named is more deserving of international recognition than many Irish Nobel prize winners, a Sinn Fein MLA has said.

Raymond McCreesh, who was convicted of IRA membership and attempted murder, was arrested along with an armalite used in the Kingsmill massacre of 10 Protestants by the IRA in 1976…



Kingsmill – Parades Commission Panders to Terrorist Sympathisers


….Newry and Mourne District Council voted to retain the name of Raymond McCreesh on a council playground in Newry..


  • pig-farm typical IRA ‘active service unit.’
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But what are we to make of THIS moron?

  •  Moron McElduff
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The report reminds us of some Nobel prize-winners from the Emerald Isle, not least George Bernard Shaw in 1925 and WB Yeats in 1923. …Ernest Walton also won the Nobel prize for physics in 1951.

Nothing in their achievements to match those of Pig McCreesh, who – to quote the father of one IRA victim – masqueraded as neighbours by day and then went around shooting the same innocent neighbours in the back at night.”

I recall the sense of elation when those terrorists died. A pity McElduff isn’t polluting the same soil as McCreesh.