TransJakarta – Electronic Convoys Next?

The capital’s main bus operator, TransJakarta, officially implemented electronic ticketing system in all its corridors starting Saturday.
So our wonderful Busway is now going all-electronic, no cash transactions on TransJakarta!
Well, I have already managed to adapt to that on the lines I use most often.
But what I’d really like to see is proper professional managerial control of the service, or non-service, provided.
Time after time, we wait for half an hour or even more, then two, three, four buses show up in convoy. One will resemble a can of sardines, the next more or less empty.
This is not only infuriating for the public who want to get to their destinations in good time, but also a waste of resources.
And it makes no sense, for all the bus bosses need to do is telephone or radio to the relevant Halte Busway and tell the second, or third, or fourth driver to wait till he’s got at least a dozen passengers before he moves on.
Manners Maketh Man
And the conductors could be instructed to see to it that the seats reserved for the elderly be vacated by fit folk when old people board.
Some conductors do a good job but others don’t.
And maybe some of the lousy parents who let their gormless brats take up seats whilst adults are forced to stand should be cautioned to teach their offspring basic manners.  
I’m not talking about tiny tots but kids ranging from 8 to 16, who ought to be taught civility – many parents don’t know enough to pass on such basics.