Bleating Euro-Bishops – Secret Europa-Worship Involved?

Good to see a Catholic MEP (UKIP, of course) has challenged the disgraceful party politicking prelates of the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions (COMECE)

BTW, this is about Catholic bishops. but next week I’ll have a go at Anglicans. They’re a sad joke of a church these days!


Steven Woolfe said that the party stood for Judeo-Christian values and patriotism (PA)


These arrogant Catholic priests have sold their souls to the EUSSR with a sort of Romanoid fatwa against patriotic parties, which they characterise as “advocating the supremacy of narrow national interests over universal human values, international commitments and obligations.”




A fatuous fatwa indeed, with eerie echoes of the disloyalty discernible in the subversive ummat allegiance proclaimed by Islamists, which outrageously claims that citizens should feel more solidarity with co-religionists abroad than with fellow-citizens of a different creed.


Steven Wolfe MEP rightly abominates the Catholic bishops’ betrayal of their duty to their own countries. He calls them an ‘EU fan club!’

I’d call them worse than that. 



Pagan deity Europa – a turn-on for bleating bishops?


One might have thought they’d be interested in the values Europe got from Christendom, values the Brussels elite detest, not least those under-pinning the institution of marriage. But it sounds like they pray to that cutie nymph, the pagan Europa!

As for international commitments and obligations. those are ipso facto matters for nations to decide, based on their perceptions of what is in their NATIONAL INTEREST – such treaties and conventions requiring approval by national parliaments or better still national referenda.


Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court


Imagine if the European Court and the Convention on which it’s based were put to a vote by the British people.  


There’s no doubt who the bad bishops are targetting, as the Catholic Herald in the UK says it quite explicitly.  It’s a reference to groups such as the United Kingdom Independence Party, which finished as the largest party in last year’s euro elections. 

No wonder pews are slimly populated of the church leadership comprises windbags like COMECE.