UKIP’s ‘Not Got A Fly-Fishing-Friendly Tone!’

Not a real headline, of course.

But then in a normal world, we wouldn’t have to read guff like Ukip’s LGBT chair quits due to party’s lack of ‘gay-friendly tone’

The Guardian, inevitably, which breathlessly relates that Ukip’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender group chair has resigned!
Well, that’ll knock about thirteen and a half votes off their total in May’s General Election!
If, on the other hand, afficionados of fly-fishing, like the late great J R Hartley, were alienated en masse by UKIP or any political party, there would be thousands of voters deserting to other banners. 
I mean, who gives a sh#t if the miniscule mincing minority happens to be miffed!
The problem with the dreary ‘gay’ agenda is that it’s long since advanced from pleas for tolerance for people who suffer from that sad status.
Unlike the Islamists, who burn them and throw them off roofs, we conservatives simply ask them to have the common decency not to flaunt their bizarre cravings in public, and not to pretend that it’s normal for a man to marry another man.
UKIP of course is not without blame here – it’s nuts to establish a separate unit of party cadres on the basis of with whom they wish to copulate!
Now they’re appointing a replacement for the chap who’s flounced off-stage!
Yes, despite, or more probably because of, the ludicrous media onslaught, millions of Brits will still vote UKIP.
But it would be nice to be able to do so without having to mark one’s ballot paper in one hand while holding one’s nose with the other!