Bali Cops Corral ‘Gypsy’ Cabs – So When Will The ‘Regulars’ Charge Fair Fares?

More odd news from Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport!

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It seems the police in bali are staging a crack-down on so-called ‘gypsy’ taxis.

I’m not sure what the term means, but presumably they’re after ordinary Balinese who reckon they can make a fast buck by picking up arrivals.

I honestly have never been approached by cars without some sort of cab sign, but many a time – as reported previously – I have done the sensible thing and walked out through the gates of the airport compound. The aim of that short stroll is always to avoid the outrageous fares quoted by the rip-off drivers allowed to lurk at the building’s exit where tourists and other travellers emerge after deplaning.

Any poor pilgrim who has too many bags, or kiddies, to walk a hundred yards or two, will get taken for a hundred thousand just to get taken to Kuta, or Legian.


Kuta Square Bali

  • The cabbies beyond the perimeter will happily settle for Rp.50K.

A no-brainer.

If you are unencumbered, you take the walk and pay half what the others pay.


I’m not saying visitors to the Isle of the Gods ought to jump into any old vehicle that rattles up hopefully. When last in London, I heard some ghastly stories of ‘pirate’ cabs there, whose drivers committed serious crimes against innocents who boarded them.

Common sense is something you shouldn’t leave at home when you go on vacation.

But it would be nice if the cops, or some authority interested in the welfare of the thousands of people who fly into Bali every week, would bust the racket which allows grossly unfair fares to be charged as soon as those people step out of Ngurah Rai’s automatic doors.