Gibbering Jihadists Witter At Twitter? Cut Them Off – Neck Upwards!

Just home, no gallivanting today as once again, rain stops play in Jakarta. Better off dry and using the lap-top!

I don’t ‘do’ Twitter. My experts tell me it would absorb too much of my time, which is barely enough to keep this RRA output going.


  • Ahmadiyah-Dianiaya-di-Cikeusik

Gleeful Islamist slaughter at Cikeusik – nobody has EVER been charged with murder, despite a full video


As readers here know, I don’t use Facebook either, having been cast out, like Lucifer, for posting that photo of the Cikeusik Pogrom- video above, with warning, horrific sectarian Sunni savagery.


I dislike Facebook for breaking their promise to justify why they opted to censor me, but have no similar axe to grind against Twitter.




So I share even the Guardian’s indignation over the latest threat by evil ISIS to target its owner and staff.

By blocking terrorists’ evil input, Twitter has only done what authorities in many Western countries talk about doing – fighting sectarian subversion – but only half-heartedly attempt.


By that I mean the failure of Cameron and Co to round up enemies within like Anjem Choudary and Hizbut Tahrir.

woolwch Woolwich vermin

Instead they wait till satanic vermin, like those two pigs in Woolwich, do fearful harm, before they capture and put them where they belong (in the inexplicable absence of the death penalty!)

Oh, yeah, but civilised countries are forbidden thus to defend themselves.…by cretin courts, on ‘human rights’ grounds!