If You’re Flyin’ Lion, Maybe Read This First!

After the shocking performance of Lion Air recently, it seems a happy coincidence to have received this email about how to handle disappointments at the airport.

Lion Air Has A Way With Words! 



It’s obviously written for an American audience, but much of the advice is internationally appropriate.

What to Do for Delays, Cancellations

Act fast. These days, many passengers are vying for just a few empty seats.

Get in line immediately: Go to the first available gate agent you see. If the line is already long, go to another (try getting into a VIP lounge where there won’t be lines). The passenger who gets to the agent first gets first chance at any available seats.
Get on the phone, get on social media: Increase your chances of being heard and getting served.


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Use your phone for research: Look up alternative flights, even on other airlines – it could save time with the agent, and saving time is what it’s all about.
Don’t be afraid to ask: And be polite when you say, “Is there any chance of getting a voucher for a hotel room or even some food?” If you’re nice, you may get something but don’t get your hopes up.

Before You Travel

Delays and cancellations are not just wintertime phenomena. Just ask anyone in the Midwest or the Dallas area; summertime thunder-and-lightning storms cancel plenty of flights! Before you head to the airport, be sure you pack:




Food: Snacks and sandwiches (why pay airport prices). As for beverages, remember no large amounts of liquids can go past security so bring an empty bottle from home to fill at a drinking fountain near the gate or buy a drink after you get through security.
Entertainment: Got movies, books, games? If you’re traveling with kids, be sure you’ve got their needs covered, too.
Chargers: You don’t want your phone to die, so be sure you have the charger on your person, and consider investing in a portable re-charger (we’ve seen them for under $30).
VIDEO: FareCompare has more tips for delayed travelers.