Beer-Battered Fish and Chips…in Jakarta?!?

Just got back from a meander round the bookstores in Jakarta’s Central Park mall,and have a nice paperback to read if the sun returns.

It began to rain as I left my fave warteg after a yummy lunch – one pound sterling for a big plate of tahu, tempe, cap cay and perkadel, and that included es teh and nasi putih, plus three fritters to take away for a snack later – so I’m happy to have made it home undrenched!

  • whatever__i_love_indonesia_by_NOF_artherapy
  • But that otherwise agreeable outing was not without health hazards – I almost had a heart attack going through the tunnel that takes you from the mall to the nearby side street, having passed a barber shop which advertised a simple hair-cut for RP.80,000 – that’s damn near EIGHT DOLLARS US. (at this point some over-paid expat NGO snob will blast off a salvo to my comments column saying how disgusting it is that I don’t waste money like him, and how can I POSSIBLY use the same eateries and services that ordinary Indonesians use!)

Shocking – where I go, in fact almost anywhere in Jakarta, the standard trim costs between 8K and 12K.

Were one to seek a more self-indulgent experience, a fine idea is to pop into one of the salons that sprout all over the place, staffed by aromatic wenches, who will do much the same job…


ayu salon This is probably a year or two ago, but prices have not rocketed


…and charge you Rp. 25 – 30,000, a price the paying of which is eased by the charm and warmth of the cutter. (Health warning -beware, some are operated by poofters!)

Some salon staff are even said to offer massages, for a little extra cash, but that is not a ubiquitous extra service – you need to suss out how friendly your salonette is before you ask!



And check she’s not a well-disguised trannie!


Anyway, from one delight to another.

Beer-battered fish and chips!

I left the mall via that tunnel and walked down to Tanjung Duren Barat Satu, my aim being to grab an angkot home…

angkot angkots

…via the warteg.

But what should I see when I reached that busy thoroughfare but a resto named Serassa, with a big sign outside advertising its various specialties.

One of which was the aforesaid BBFnC! 


I didn’t eat there, because the dish costs Rp. 39,000, almost three times as much as I later paid in the place I like best (and that’s without the drink and probably the service ++)

But I’m tempted to try it on some special occasion.

Given the moronic regulation I posted on recently, the ban on mini-marts selling beer…

Bali Beer Ban Looms – Why Pander to Intolerance? 

…inaugurated by a millionaire minister just to make life awkward for us haram-addicted humans) it is reassuring that normal tastes are catered for here in Jakarta – you just have to know where to look!