Petition Against Grisly Gaza Game!

Most RRA readers understand that the Hamas regime in Gaza is responsible for the death and destruction there. Launching terror raids against Israeli civilians has left the victim country no choice but to retaliate, though biased media here in Indonesia can’t seem to take that on board .


Air Mata Kobane? No Bleeding Heart Dirge for Kurds On TVOne? 


But that’s one thing.

It’s something else entirely when Palestinian terrorist attacks are turned into a ‘game,’ marketed online!’

Last week, “Gaza Man” — a game promoting terror and the murder of Israeli soldiers — was released on the Amazon Appstore and the Google Play Store.

Our petition to remove the game from the Google Play Store was a success. Google relented and did the right thing. Now we need to double-down and make sure Amazon removes the game as well.

“Gaza Man” is nothing more than a tool to promote hatred, violence and the murder of Israeli soldiers among Palestinian youth.

Join our fight and tell Amazon: Follow Google’s lead. Do the right thing. Remove “Gaza Man” from the Amazon Appstore.


 Sign the petition here –