International Women’s Day Music – Mandy Boylett, Roro Fitriah, Dolly Parton!

Well, I said yesterday I was going to let the beauty of Indonesian women speak for itself…

International Women’s Day, March 8th – Indonesia Beruntung! 

… no detours into the world of politics or academia.

But then I got hold of this video of a UKIP parliamentary candidate, Mandy Boylett, belting out a parody of an ABBA hit!


She sings well, and I was amazed to read that Mandy is FIFTY years old. I wish my appearance could so successfully belie my years!

Neat chick!

However, further to yesterday’s post, overseas interest has arisen in the shapely Roro Fitriah, so I am also including one of her songs for your further delectation!


And, as ever, I’m aware that new readers may well be unfamiliar with her style of music, dangdut, the common people’s music here in Indonesia, best found and appreciated in venues other than those frequented by Jakarta’s spoilt and gilded youth and their expat hangers-on.

Here’s a You Tube video of real dangdut.

Not sure where that performance was staged, but if you ever drop by this fine city, try Pasar Rumput, an old traditional market which becomes a live music centre after dark!

And finally, to show I’m not forgetting my hundreds of American readers…

Here’s another lady who’s in great shape, despite being even older than me ( is this possible!?!?) –

– watch the whole Dolly Parton link – she’s great!

And that song got me into trouble too – but that’s another story!