International Women’s Day – Not All Pinko Chicks Are Pot Ugly, But…


You’d think if she looks like this, she’d not bother having the photo taken.  I thought at first this was a joke when I was asked to post it, not least because the wretched woman seems to be unclothed, but apparently not.

The thing about International Women’s Day is we’re supposed to advance the cause of women. This may occasionally be facilitated by deshabile (Clothing & Fashion – the state of being partly or carelessly dressed )-  but that certainly doesn’t fit feminist theory!

I don’t mind posting lefties’ pictures here, if they’re worth looking at.



Beyonce talks as much tripe as Diane Abbot…

Beyonce (and who?) Bolster Brutal Marxist Misrule in Cuba 

…and Naomi Campbell arguably more so…

Cadbury’s Crumbles before Nutty Naomi – Beauty Sans Brains? 

…but at least they’re nice to look at.

See for yourselves!