Bishop’s Boobs? Greer Trivialises Drug-Crim Executions!

I’ve never had much time for Germaine Greer, a sorry left-over from the bra-burning Sixties, but her performance on Oz tv this week was more pathetic than usual.

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  • No matter what your view on the Bali drug-crims, it was surely puerile for Greer to trivialise the situation by asking of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop if she’d bare her boobs as the price of freezing Indonesia’s firing squad plans.

It’s hardly most people’s idea of a fit subject for humour! 

The subject matter was raised by an audience member who brought up the ‘Free the nipple’ social media campaign.



It aims to overcome the taboo around exposing women’s nipples in film, television and photographs.

I had never heard of this peculiar campaign. It would not do well here in Jakarta. The uptight censors plaster smoky clouds over even a hint of cleavage, and scenes of a sip of wine, and of course over smoking.


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Dimana Bokong2nya? – Where Are Our Buttocks? 

  • It’s almost funny, but after a while makes you want to weep at their kill-joy imbecility.
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  • celeb,celebrity,sexy,yvonne,strahovski- Yvonne Strahvoski -who is she? No idea, but great pics or pecs!
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  • And to revert to our headline, who’d want to ogle either Greer’s or Bishop’s breasts anyway? Not when more appetising possibilities exist, for sure!