Pay-Back! Bludger ‘Tsunami’ Unloaded on Oz?

Just as I feared, the shrilling from Australia over the execution of two convicted drug-smugglers has provoked a reaction.

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Tejo Edhy Purdijatno said on Monday that Indonesia has been deterring illegal immigrants from other countries en route to Australia.


If Canberra carries on like this, Jakarta will certainly unleash those heading for Australia.’–10-ribu-imigran-gelap-siap-dilepas

  • tedjo
    • “There are now over 10,000 such people in Indonesia,” he said. If they are allowed to head for Australia, that would surely be like a human tsunami.”
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      • This is turning into a disaster for Abbott, who had every opportunity to mend fences after President SBY left office.
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      • jokowi-twitterTony_abbott_011209_t325
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      • Jokowi has shown himself to be no simpering liberal and could have become a useful partner in the war to block the bludger boats.

      Instead, the hullabaloo over that pair of crims in Bali has spread from its pinko base to include the entire Australian political establishment, despite clear evidence that million of ordinary Aussies don’t give a monkey’s on the issue.

      I never have any hesitation in criticising either government.

    • Abbott can be faulted because he’s reneged on his pledges on restoration of free speech.
    • I’d also call on Jokowi to show he’s as keen on crushing terrorism as he is on quelling drug crime. He should have the Islamist swine behind the Cikeusik Pogrom arrested, tried and executed for murder.
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    • I personally am all in favour of capital punishment for treason, terror and some other heinous crimes. I’m not convinced it’s appropriate for drug-smuggling  – though the great majority of Indonesians are convinced.
    • This is Indonesia; what they say, goes!
    • But for this gulf of ill-feeling to open and widen daily is a tragedy. And a needless tragedy too, all the more painful for those of us who have nothing but affection for both countries.
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