Yahoo – A System Run by Imbeciles!

Only a day or two ago, the arrogant cretins who run Yahoo once again forced me to change my password before I could access my own emails.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo big boss – as they say, could she organise an orgy in a brothel?

This was probably an act of spite, since I had complained at the failure of some mail of mine to be sent when required. It was a link, with some explanatory text added. The cretins blocked it on the grounds there was no text!

There came a reply to my complaint, saying there was no technical problem! It has happened again this week.

Irresponsible incompetents.


idiot Yahoo tech experts


Needless to say, their reply had a ‘no-reply’ address. 

These Yahoo morons have absolutely NO concept of customer service, but in the circumstances, I had to change the password as ordered to, a matter of great inconvenience, since it means having to memorise something other than the one I’m used to.


  • 540px-How_to_Change_Back_to_Yahoo!_Mail_Classic-004stupid_idiots_big


Now, TODAY, the dumb mutts made me go through the same process all over again!

I tried to change it back to the good one I had up till last week!


‘Too similar!’ For whom?

Beside myself with rage and fury, I devised a brand new one, incorporating several of the disparaging words used in this post, along with a gross obscenity.

angry face

At least I’ll remember it every time I see the word Yahoo!

Why don’t they take a holiday and grow themselves a brain – or at least some basic common courtesy!