British Jobs for British Workers – And That Should Only Be The First Step!


Logically, of course, and if the UK were still as free a country as once it was, employers, hoteliers, publicans, shop-keepers, and all Brits not employed in the state sector, should be at perfect liberty to hire, fire, rent lodgings to, pour a pint for, whomsoever they please.

If somebody won’t employ me just because I’m over fifty, I resent it, but it’s the employer’s right, or should be, to have staff to his or her liking.

If a practicing Presbyterian landlady doesn’t want poofters messing up her accommodation, fair enough.

If a Jewish landlord won’t serve a skin-head with a swastika tattoo, okay too.

And the natural disgust felt by all decent people for transvestite freaks should not be punished by imbecile equality laws

But unfortunately Farage doesn’t go that far.

Or does he – the report doesn’t say.

But his words suggest that his stand on freedom is not so much as a principle but merely a matter of practicalities ‘If we’d sat here 40 years ago, having this conversation, your point [on the need for anti-discrimination laws] would probably have been valid. I don’t think it is today.’




It was never valid. It was always a massive expansion of state intrusion into what had always been personal liberty.

If I run a business, it’s my business who I employ or do business with.  

If I ‘discriminate’ against others, they are equally entitled to discriminate against me!,