Shock/Horror! Miss Indonesia Inciting Communist Take-Over…? NOT!

Shocking revelations in, which I’m ashamed to say I missed when they surfaced last month.

I’m usually quick to catch a whiff of the evil marxist ideology, but have to admit that, when I was revelling on my sofa, watching the Miss Indonesia finals, there must have been something about the girls that distracted me from satanic insignia.

But not so the IslamoNazi Gauleiter of Solo, Central Java, a certain Choirul, who’s featured in RRA before now


One hundred youths from Solo are ready to die to take revenge on the death of Osama,” declared Choirul,

A nasty little man!

He went to his area Police Headquarters, accompanied by local leaders of another vigilante gang, the Pemuda Pancasila, to report none other than Miss Indonesia, Anindya Puteri!



putri indwpid-wp-1424793744419 Miss Indonesia showing very bad taste.


She uploaded a picture of herself clad in a red shirt adorned with a hammer and sickle. Choirul has therefore comcluded that this is encouraging support for communism, which, since the attempted take-over by the PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party, was thwarted in 1965, has been outlawed here.

  • pkiposter
  • Well, the FPI fellow for once is quite right. She DID wear such a t-shirt.

The camera cannot lie. And a black mark to Aninda for such bad taste.

But she’s no worse than the eejits who toddle around town wearing T-shirts displaying the sullen satanic countenance of Che Guevara, a brutal red psycho.




Maybe Choirul’s self-styled ‘Islam Defenders’ Front’ should patrol the alleys and markets of his city, ripping that kind of offensive garb off louts stupid enough to wear them. 


Aninda has in fact explained  that the garment was a gift from a Vietnamese exchange student, when she was studying in Semarang. She sure doesn’t sound like she has much in the way of political awareness.


Puteri Indonesia  2015: Soal Dandan dan Gambar Palu Arit

But she has a lot else going for her, so I’d be inclined to forgive her.


But Choirul’s having none of that!

About the only issue on which his FPI thug gang does talk sense is the Red issue, but rather than get out and picket the Jakarta Globe and/or the Jakarta Post for their overt sympathies with the poor, hard-done-by PKI traitors…

Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds! 

…they prefer to sic the cops onto this lovely young lady.