Now – Were It Two Oz ISIS Scum…Would Abbott Still Shrill?

Here’s an item that caught my attention, the detention of an apparently Australian terror suspect in Lebanon.


  • muath22
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  • Don’t know about Lebanon, but suppose the detention had occurred in Jordan, which has, after the horrendous immolation of its young pilot, adopted an exemplary policy of executing scum?
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  • Tony Abbott sex appeal
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  • And suppose they were tried and found guilty and given the proper death sentence that all ISIS vermin deserve?
  • Would Abbott fall in with the pinko shrills and demand the relevant authorities let the swine off with patty-cake ‘life’ imprisonment?

Would Australian public opinion – which, like myself and many another civilised person, rejoiced with beer and bacon butties, when the Bali pigs were put down…


bali_bombers evil Bali Bomb pigs


…,allow itself to be manipulated leftwards, as has clearly occurred since that poll only a month ago showed most Aussies would let justice proceed in respect of the drug-smugglers?

Just asking!