What’s In A Scots Name?

Hiya, Twinkle and Spartacus among Scots baby names, says The Scotsman headline, to the sound of Braveheart spinning in his grave.


braveheart ‘Hiya, Proud Edward!’


  • Fortunately, the report goes on to reassure us that two children, a boy and a girl, were named Freedom (I suppose ‘Deliverance’ might evoke images of duelling banjos!) 83 boys were called Scott, there were 180 Williams – the 35th most ­popular boy’s name – plus 135 ­Roberts (50th) and 163 Andrews.

It would seem that Scots fathers have largely given up on their traditional taste for naming daughters after themselves.

I recall a few Williaminas, Robertas and even, sadly, one Gavina, from my youthful forays into Edinburgh’s Rose Street (a famous little thoroughfare which consisted entirely of pubs, the inspection of each and every one before the (then ) 10pm closing hour being a popular Saturday night activity with young people)

  • godsname
  • Those nice lassies always got around that by calling themselves Billie or Bobbie – an escape not so accessible to Gavina, for Gavvie could provoke limericks involving ‘lavvy,’ which is uncouth Scots slang for toilet!

But my heart goes out to  Atlas, Bear, Diesel, Elvis, Mate, Sherlock, Steel, Thor, Bliss, Blossom, Justice, Lullaby, Ocean, Peace, Precious, Princess, Sailor, Thirteena-Starr and Velvet.