Bule2 Gila Want Wina – But Will She Be Burkified?

Tribunnews.com follows up that weird story of the single mum whose bid to sell her house was boosted by the inclusion of her hand in marriage as a bonus. Now Wina Lia is backing off, saying the two deals are not linked unless personalities are well-matched.


beli rumah wina lia_19g1rbb2d1raisr1o53sq4n84a Wina Lia


A wise caveat, surely, considering the unusual marketing scheme has attracted interest from the USA, Australia and also, inevitably, Saudi Arabia!

Wow! All those bule gila (crazy whiteys) must have seen  the nice photo above!  And Aussies and Yanks, albeit only calling her estate agent from foreign parts, may be worthwhile prospects.

But if Wina were to wed some denizen of the backward desert land, she’d not only get the scarfing she inexplicably craves but also might find herself sharing the house with a few other bag-headed wives too.



And if she went to her potential husband’s homeland, she’d have to forget all this permissive modern nonsense of being allowed to drive a car, let alone act like a grown-up capable of deciding things for herself! 

“Whoever were to buy the house wouldn’t necessarily become my husband!”


Smart gal, Wina!