Memo – Satanic Taliban Are NOT Pakistan Christians’ Only Enemies!

“.. police officials took possession of the sound systems, made hate speeches against Christians using amplifiers, and later took all the electric stuff away to the police station.



So said one eye-witness of a recent outrage by bigot cops in Pakistan. 

Salik Morris, a church member, said. “The women and children started praying, but stopped when they were threatened by the Station House Officer. The officer ordered the congregation not to come to the church for prayers anymore.

Police? Primitive pigs, more like!

So when we watch the news tonight, the bombing of two churches in Pakistan by evil Islamists…

Twin bombings at churches in Pakistan kill 14, wound 78


… let’s not think those poor victims can expect much help from those meant to protect them, like those described a month ago by a Protestant pastor.


Pastor Javaid Austin, head pastor of The Light of the City Church, said, “The local police have violated our right to religious freedom. They entered into the church forcefully, as attackers, and misbehaved with the pastoral team and the worshipers.” – International Christian Concern




 Now please note, one of the ignoramuses is named.

There were around 200 worshipers in both churches,” Azeem Javaid, a prayer leader, told ICC. Azeem Javaid spent the night in police custody; however, “I am more energetic for my pastoral work,” he told ICC. “The police, led by Imran Qureshi….





,… the local Station House Officer, entered into the church forcefully with arms bared,” Azeem Javiad said. “They harassed the women and children. The loud speakers were not even in use due to a power cut.

There’s lots more, but it is time, surely for Western countries to turn off the tap which keeps this cess-pool going. It looks like the dirty dog who created today’s hellish havoc blew himself up.

But unless this other sectarian cur, Imran Qureshi, has already been arrested and is due for trial, kicked off the police force and facing jail-time, the government of Pakistan should be told – no more aid.




It’s not as if cur Qureshi is some kind of lone wolf – or lone louse, maybe a better noun – because we know the regime and its flunkeys oversee persecution with equanimity, again and again, and not only against Christians but against the peaceful Ahmadi minority as well.

Anyone who thinks for him or herself, or is even thought to, is fair game for the scumbags!

‘Protect and Serve’ in Pakistan? Bigot Cop Murders Jailed ‘Blasphemer!’ 

Pakistan must be taught to be civilised, which it is not.  

No handouts for slow  learners, right?