St. Patrick Drove Snakes from his Island – Brits Should Do the Same!

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and I hope everyone celebrating has a good time.



But let’s not forget that holy man’s admirable feat, his expulsion of snakes from the Emerald Isle.

Judging from the news from London, there’s another land in Europe that could do with an action replay.

Mansoor Miah is facing jail (Pic credit: Central news)

The sentencing of a supporter of hate preacher Anjem Choudary who groomed a 15-year-old girl on Facebook was delayed by a power cut today….

 That kind of news story explains why British people of all creeds abhor Islamists – NOT Muslims, but Islamists.

There’s a BIG difference – I know lots of Muslims who would be as disgusted as I was to read that report in the Kilburn newspaper.

In contrast, Islamists ipso facto hold women in contempt. They degrade them by enforcing clothing rules different from those expected of men. They deny them equal inheritance rights. They argue that men may have multiple spouses, women only one.

The ape-like thing in the photo above merely does what comes naturally to the ideology he chose. Mansoor Miah tweeted  several messages from Anjem Choudary including one just three days before his arrest on June 25 last year…‘Which Muslim wouldn’t want to live in the Khilafah, ie Islamic ruling system…’

Choudary and his herd of swine should be held for treason.

But SOME women should be held in contempt, NOT, as Islamists think, because they are women but because they are contemptible.

How about Natasha John?

Natasha John pointed the finger at the British Government for stirring up hatred for Muslims…


‘The Government is the one that is hurting us. That’s the truth.’

Hurtng us? Who’s US? She seems unclear of her civic identity.

If she were British, US would mean the British people..

Hurting us?

Who’s getting hurt? Is Cameron out every night grooming teens, his Cabinet out beheading soldiers in London streets?

If this demented vixen is complaining that innocent Muslims are facing hostility, then she knows who to blame. Innocent Muslims are taking the heat because of guilty Muslims. She should open her eyes and look at who’s causing Islamophobia? 



  • What a dumb bitch, to blame her government! .

One must keep fingers crossed the journo with London’s Metro is correct when she writes of the wretched ranter that most do not share her sentiment. As I mix socially with decent Muslims all the time,here in a 90% Muslim country, I know that’s the case in Indonesia.

But nasties like Natasha John distort things in the UK, attracting animosity not just, deservedly, against herself and her kind, but against good, patriotic Muslims like these Ahmadis pictured below –


Yet the same journo acknowledges that this is what many people in her community believe…In listening to this, perhaps we can begin to understand why some take this several steps further and take extreme action in trying to solve these issues themselves.




Begin to understand?

No, it is beyond decent people’s comprehension.

By immersing themselves in sex-crimes and brutality, the groomers and the jihadis put themselves beyond the pale, beyond humanity, beyond mercy, and beyond understanding.

They are evil.


  • devil destroyed ISIS
  • —————-
  • What we DO understand is that ANY malevolent who reacts to their satanic antics by blaming Britain’s  Government (and God knows I criticise that often enough) – or, by extension, blaming Britons for expecting imported aliens to leave their backward thinking. and their alien allegiance, back where they came from, should not besmirch her co-religionists’ reputation with such disgraceful diatribes. 
  • If she finds it disagreeable to live in the British Isles, let her sod off to somewhere more congenial.

A taste of ISIS-Land’s treatment of women as sex slaves might make her appreciate the immense good fortune she enjoys, of living in a civilised country.