Big in Japan – ‘Asylum’ Bludger Arrogance, That Is!

There is nothing quite so obnoxious as an uppity sponger. Most of us will respond sympathetically if a beggar seems a genuine case. 
But if somebody accosts you asking for a hand-out, and you can’t or won’t or otherwise don’t oblige, it’s the mendicant’s place to accept the situation and toddle off.
You have no obligation and he has no rights.
Thus similarly it is disgusting to read of the sheer uppity arrogance of these Syrians. 
 Lovely country- why ruin it?

Four asylum seekers from strife-riven Syria sued the central government at the Tokyo District Court on Tuesday, demanding that they be recognized as refugees.

Get that! ‘Demanding!’

They somehow got into Japan, uninvited, and they reckon they can make ‘demands’ on their hosts? 

The impartial journo, Tomohiro Osaki, goes on to display his own bias by referring to Japan’s notoriously rigid, conservative scrutiny of applications from would-be refugees..

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  • Conservative? Obviously unacceptable – to a pinko journo!

Notorious? To whom does it appear notorious? The Japanese people? I doubt that. I’d expect they’re pleased with their government’s rigidity, with the fact that Tokyo isn’t emulating Obama’s readiness to let unwanted aliens pour in.

Sure, not everyone fleeing Syria is an undesirable –  but these creeps sure are!

The earnest scribbler gives plenty of space to how hard done by they are, but skims quickly over how they reached Japan in summer 2012 and applied for refugee status shortly after arrival.

Who’s paying his fees, I wonder.

Japan tends to recognize refugees only when they are politically active enough to be personally targeted by their government back home. But by global standards, that is a very “outdated” and “rigid” way to interpret what constitutes a refugee status, Miyauchi said. Syrian asylum seekers sue for refugee status The Japan Times17 Mar 2015

Well, no, it is NOT outdated.

The international convention basis for refugees has not, so far as I know, been edited, revised or otherwise altered, since it was agreed by the signatory nations.  The whole point of such conventions is that they are established so countries have a clear understanding of what’s required of them by signing up.

If changes to their rules and the application of the rules are in order, then it’s back to the drawing board – a new convention.

Maybe not a bad idea, yeah?

What’s happening is that lawyers and cultural marxists on the make are making it up as they go along, re-defining ‘refugee’ to include economic migrants.

Thus they force open the flood-gates for every impoverished Third World beggar to jump aboard the first bludger-boat and set sail for successful nations’ tax-troughs.




I don’t cover much news from Japan and was surprised to learn that they are encumbered with the same sort of pro-parasite agit-prop outfits we know sadly so well in the UK, Canada and of course Oz.

Like the Japan Lawyers Network for Refugees, a lawyers’ group supporting asylum seekers!

That lot are waxing lachrymose because the government is doing its job properly get this shrilling!

…the refugee system’s chief concern has to do with “protecting” such individuals, not “controlling” them.

Japan’s chief concern has to do with protecting HER OWN citizens.

Any country that does not control who comes into its territory is committing suicide!