Breaking News – Armed Savages Open Fire on Tunisia Parliament!

Tunisia has been one of the most civilised and successful survivors of the Arab Spring.

Despite Islamist intolerance rearing its extremely ugly head, the small country has recently held elections and got a government that’s opposed to the evil fanaticism we’ve seen next door in Libya.


Look Who Won Tunisia’s Election! 

  NORMAL Tunisian women!


And anytime you see newsreel images of the country, the women, mostly, are attractively dressed, no repulsive head-shrouding. A minor issue, you may say, but it’s generally indicative of how advanced a nation is.

But tonight, just in, news that ‘three gunmen’ have attacked the elected assembly in Tunis. No IDs yet, but am willing to bet it’s the Forces of Darkness trying to make a come-back. Gunmen ‘take hostages’ in attack on Tunisia parliament

I hope the security forces terminate the SOBs with extreme prejudice.

Postscript several hours later.

It now turns out that satanists aka jihadists were indeed responsible for an outrage much worse than we first realised. Innocent foreign and Tunisian visitors to the big museum in Tunis have been murdered. ISIS has apparently praised the pigs who committed the crimes.

Let’s hope Tunisia follows Jordan’s admirable example, takes however many terrorists they may have behind bars straight to the nearest yard and executes them without delay.