Florence Faces Fine or Jail-Time – Who Needs Holidays in Uptight Jogja!

Prosecutors on Monday requested the panel of judges at the Yogyakarta District Court to sentence Florence Saulina Sihombing, the defendant in an online defamation case, to a six-month suspended jail sentence, with a 12-month probationary period, and a Rp 10 million (US$756.15) fine or an additional three-month sentence.

  • I am appalled, as I often am in the mornings, and I’m disappointed, because Jogja has long been a favourite destination when i tear myself away from the joys of Jakarta. Its college atmosphere and its proximity to such wondrous monuments as Borobudur and Prambanan make it a fascinating place to visit.
  • And the people have generally been nice to me.


prambanan Prambanan


But its public face as shown in this news is that of an uptight old bat, whom I have no inclination to spend time with. 

“We asked the judges to declare the defendant, Florence Saulina Sihombing, proven guilty of committing criminal deeds by transmitting and making electronic information with a libelous content accessible to the public,” prosecutor Rahayu Nur Raharsi said during the trial at the court in Yogyakarta on Monday.





As we have reported previously…

For Pity’s Sakes! Florence’s Ordeal Drags On! I’ll Skip Jogja This Xmas! 

…Florence, a young student at the distinguished University of Gadjah Mada’s (UGM) made some very rude comments about the city last year. I quote from the latest news item.

“Jogja is poor, idiotic, uncivilized. Friends from Jakarta and Bandung, don’t stay in Jogja. Jogja residents are all bastards […].”

Not nice, nor fair, especially that ‘all’ – certainly the whining NGO that has orchestrated the ‘outrage’ makes me think some of its residents are not folk I’d choose to take afternoon tea with, but to extrapolate from their tantrum to claim everybody in Jogja is a B?      

No way!  But criminal?

C’mon! Sticks and stones, etc. But still we see that, despite the contrite Florence having met with the Sultan, apologised and received royal forgiveness, she’s been charged and brought to court. Defamation should surely be defined in terms of unjust PERSONAL abuse. To use email laws on behalf of a city just makes the people behind the prosecution seem like…

Well, I won’t use that word she used.

Use your imagination – as it is written, if the cap fits, wear it!