Lessons for the West, from Israel!

Just watching the news, Euronews again, being a glutton for punishment…Euronews’ Or Eurabian Pravda? Anti-UKIP, Anti-USA – Brazen Bias!  …and Netanyahu got a good result, much, no doubt to Obama’s chagrin.



Yesterday, Euronews inexplicably chose some blogger chick to comment at length on the Israeli election – never yet seen them use any of us conservative bloggers – and she was wittering about how so very many Israelis wanted their government to be like ‘normal’ countries, where voters were more interested in economic issues than in security.




Fair comment, to some extent, because too many European and North American – and Australian – people allow themselves to be subjected to “it’s the economy, stupid” diversionary rhetoric instead of focusing on real issues like subversion, terrorism and immigration.

That’s why we have been observing the decline of the West for so many years.


hope and glory


What is needed is leadership like Churchill’s or even Thatcher’s, patriots who conjure up the essence of a nation’s soul, with words that echo the Dunkirk Spirit or even the Falklands Factor.

Enough of materialistic quibbling.

Netanyahu has shown hope and glory is a winning formula.